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Thanks to creative potential of department teaching staff, availability of serial laboratory equipment and measuring stands students constantly take part in research and a part of students takes part not only in research but also in pedagogical activities after finishing Master's degree programme.

There is an engineering shop equipped by lathe, drilling, vertical and horizontal milling machines to maintenance care.

A number of department teaching staff has prepared and defended following theses of candidates and doctors of technical science using laboratory of railway transport:

1. Rentgevich A.A. – Study of operating conditions of mining 6.jpgelectric haulage (1963)

2. Salov V.A. – Study of railway electromagnet brakes for mine moveable unites (1973)

3. Koptovets A.N. – Substantiation of working, operational characteristics and improving drum and wheel brakes of mine locomotives (1983)

Balaban N.P. – Study of methods and means of increasing brake strength by haulage of contact electromotive (1981)

5. Zelii V.V. – Substantiating rational parameters and development of overhead electromagnet brakes of mine accumulator electromotive (1986)

6. Shyrokov G.M. – Study of railway electromagnet brakes with longitudinal locking of magnetic flow for mine electromotive (1976)

7. Denishenko A.V. – Substantiating parameters and technological schemes of applying ground cable ways while driving workings (2000)

8. Taran I.A. – Substantiation and selection of rational parameters of drum and wheel brakes of mine electromotive with section brake block (2000)

Following values are visually controlled and registered on photo paper using loop oscillograph:

1. Tension and compressed forces from 0 till 500 kH on the picking up of dynamometric cars and two intermediate car section;/p>

2. Stresses (up to 600 V) and current (up to 300 А) of traction engines and contact network;

3. Controller position;

4. The rate of car movement and rotation of two electromotive exes;

5. Passed way;

6. Parts of wheel rotation of dynamometric car and two electromotive axes.


Great amount of information enables to obtain brake electromotive stand in laboratory of railway transport (authors: Shlyahov E.M., senior lecturer and Koptovets A.N., associate professor) which helps to carry out study of wheel brake processes by brake shoe. Furthermore, its rate, tension force of the shoe to the wheel and peripheral braking force are fixed. Given results of study became the basis of a number of dissertations and enabled considerably improve construction of mine locomotive braking system.

School of conveyor transport of professor Belichenko N.Ya. is represented by theses which were performed by using serial equipment and unique installation developed and produced in conveyor transport laboratory.

1. Bilichenko N.Ya. Study of belt conveyor operation modes used in mining industry, 1965.

2. Dodatko A.D. Determining quality of belt conveyor rollers and the ways of its improving, 1983.

3. Dudko N.A. Substantiating method of determining belt conveyor productivity on circular forces of drive unit, 1986.

4. Romanyuha I.E. Study of initial cargo flow of belt conveyors in conditions of open pit mines and selecting transport equipment according to productivity of cargo flow which is maintained by service, 1971.

5. Sulaev I.P. Study of belt conveyor sealing at 8.jpg mines of Nikopol manganese basin, 1977.

6. Rozhin S.A. Study of belt adhesion coefficient with conveyor driving drum at mining enterprises, 1978.

7. Beygul A.A. Study and substantiation of parameters of belt conveyor constructional steelwork, 1981.

8. Grebenyuk V.V. Study of operation modes of braking units of underground belt conveyors, 1977.

9. Kolosov D.L. Substantiation of parameters and constructions of double-layer rubber-rope belt conveyors for mining enterprises, 2002.

Unique sensors of conveyor belt tension force , its linear rate and surface temperature which are currently used in further study were designed to carry out these operations. 

In recent years staff of department (associate professors Denischenko A.V., Troschilo V.S., engineer Schetina A.N.) carried out large-scale study of mine cable ways in conditions of maintenance using unique devices (sensors of cable rate, tension, shifting tension weight, etc). According to study results improvement of installation construction and technique of its application were carried out.


On the laboratory base of department unique force electric strain-measuring sensors enabling to fix compression forces up to 10 MH were designed. Scheduled maintenance on the Block No.5 of Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station was performed with the help of these sensors (associate professors Koptovets A.N., Denischenko A.V., Zil V.V.).


Therefore, unique devices designed at department of “Transport Systems and Technology” by several generations of researchers enable to carry out large-scale study in working conditions of current transport facilities , mine locomotives, belt conveyors and cable systems.


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