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  Laboratory session

To conduct research labs due to the efforts of the Department Head of the Laboratory A. Okhrimchuk, A. Shetina, school master - Honorary Officer of NMU Y. Demyanchuk and other employees of the Department were developed and implemented in the educational process of measuring stands to determine the coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and driving shaft, the coefficient of traction engine from the track, the uneven progress of the chain scraper conveyor, resistance coefficients traffic installations east side conveyor belt, the main parameters of the conveyor belt and others.


In carrying out this work using modern measuring equipment, allowing familiarize students with the basics of strain gauges and processing the results of experiments.


Currently, the Laboratories are equipped with modern transport machines - conveyors, mine electric locomotives, silo wagons, loading and cargo transport vehicles, the site of the track to track equipment, stands for full-scale test units’ vehicles, demonstration boards with nodes and elements of the vehicle. The Department has a workshop with a small complex of machines (lathe, planer, grinding, milling, drilling), used for internal departmental use.


Laboratory works contribute to study of structures and types of vehicles, management development and implementation of student research to determine the parameters and study the testing methods of transport equipment.



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