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Mining engineer and economist, Candidate of technical science, associate professor, vice-dean Mining faculty of pedagogic work.

Finished the Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute of the name of Artema by specialty Economics and management at mining and exploration industries, from 1995 works at Transport System and Technologies Department.

Currently a lecturer on disciplines: Transport systems mining enterprises, Basis of transport theory, Methods of management of mine traffic of cargos, Organization and planning the mining works, Theory foundation and calculation of facilities of mechanization of cargos transportation for mining faculty students and institute of Distance Learning, manages course and diploma projects.

Except for teaching activity engaged in social work: from 2004 year deputy of dean of the Mining faculty for pedagogic work, from 2012 deputy of director of the Mining Institute of pedagogic work.

Dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences under the direction of Shirin L.N. defended in 2003, associate professor of the Transport System and Technologies Department from 2006 year.

Basic scientific activity aims for improvement technical and economic parameters of mining locomotives, development transport and technological systems for autonomous gas supplying remote users.


The 26 studies are published, participated in the writing of 4 scientific manuals, 2 industry regulatory standards, Manual for mining engineer from coal mines with a steep (high-angle) inclined seams.

Contacts: Karl Marx Av., 19, building. 7, rm. 507,

tel.: (0562)46-90-42.

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