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Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor

After the end of the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute. Artem (1962), "Technology and equipment for mineral prospecting" for five years in the exploration of the trust companies «Voroshilovhradheolohiya».

Since November 1967 he has been working in the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute, now the State University "National Mining University".

Since 1991 - Professor of Technology mineral exploration in 1981 - until 1997 . - Dean of the Faculty of correspondence . Author of over 200 scientific publications, including 38 books, monographs and textbooks for mining - geological universities, seven patents for inventions. A number of textbooks : " Drilling machines and mechanisms ", " Flushing in the drilling fluid ," " Diagnosis of drilling machinery and equipment ", " Accidents at drilling ", published in Russia , Poland, Slovakia and Kazakhstan. He participated in five world and international congresses, meetings and symposia on the use of surface - active substances and fat substitutes in drilling , new methods and technologies in drilling , storage and transport of oil and gas.

For many years is a permanent member of the organizing committee of the periodic scientific - technical conference - «New Methods and Technologies in Petroleum Geology, Drilling and Reservoir Engineering».

Key research areas include:

• Underground storage and transportation of gas;

• Justification and development of application technology of surface - active substances in the drilling of exploration wells;

• Develop principles of automatic diagnosis of drilling machines and mechanisms;

• Protection of the environment.

Contact: Karl Marx Avenue 19, Bldg. 7, com. 507,

Phone.: (0562) 46-90-42

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