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Mining engineer, Cand. Tech. Sc., senior researcher.

From 2006 - associate prof. of the Transport System and Technologies Department. From 2008 – a senior researcher at the Department.

Currently a lecturer and conduct practice lessons on disciplines: “Geotechnology of mining”, “Gas transmission systems”, “Compressed Natural Gas filling stations”, “Modes of exploitation of gas systems ”, manages course and diploma and research projects. Awarded the medal “Veteran of Labour”

Basic scientific activity related with deciding problems of gas transportation by linear pipelines and gas preparation for accumulation in underground gas storages.


The 24 studies are published, 1 textbook (with co-authors), 3 patents for inventions and useful models

Contacts: Karl Marx Av., 19, building. 7, rm. 507,

tеl.: (0562)46-90-42

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