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Mining engineer, doctor engineering sciences, professor, excellent education of Ukraine, head of department from 1995.

He graduated in 1969 Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute on specialty "Technology and complex mechanization of underground mining of mineral resources."

Doctoral dissertation on "Physical and technical bases of technology development fine wiring of steeply dipping deposit pneumatic hydraulic mechanized complexes" defended his in 1994.

After protection doctoral dissertation issued a 97 of scientific of which are co-authorship 7 manuals with fingerboard Ministry of Education Ukraine Directory mining engineer coal mine and 3 monograph. Has academic rank of assistant professor (since 1988) by the department of underground of deposits of minerals professor (with 2001.) in the department of transport mine. Shirin L.N. academician of the Academy of lifting and transport of Ukraine, member of two academic councils for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences D.08.080.03 and D.08.080.06, respectively, in the specialties 05.15.02 - underground mining and 05.05.06 - mining machines, a member of working group Ministry of Education Ukraine in "Mining".

Science is dedicated to the creation of the mechanized treatment systems for the development of thin steep seams and lived. According to the research defended his Ph.D. (1982) and doctorate (1994) of the dissertation


The results of the studies published over 140 scientific publications, 7 textbooks stamped MES, 3 monographs, reference book mining engineer coal mine, has received 14 copyright certificates and patents of Ukraine.

Contact: avenue Karl Marx 19. Bldg. 7, com. 505

Phone: (0562)47-08-79,

e-mail: YavorskaiaV@nmu.org.ua, dyachkovp@nmu.org.ua

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