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Practical training for students


CourseType of practiceBasic industrial space

Duration of practice,


GeologicalOn special bases that are placed in the Crimean mountains3
Computer Computer classes of the "Fundamentals of machinery design"1
secondProduction and evaluation "Pavlogradvugillia" DVAT "Dniprohiproshaht." Poltava Mining 5





Mine  VАТ "Pavlohradvuhillia" DP "Selydivvuhillya" DP "Sverdlovantratsit" DP "Lvivvugillya", ZAT"Zaporozhye ZRK", VAT "Marganets'kyy GOK», VАТ VK mine "KRASNOARMIYSKA West № 1" VАТ VK mine "Krasnolymanska "VАТ Krasnoarmeyskugol "DP" Dobropillyavuhillya. " Gas transmission companies: mine them. Mine, DP "Krasnoarmeyskugol" DP "Krasnodonugol" UMG "Kharkivtransgas"6

The main objective is to test industrial practice the theoretical knowledge and the adaptation of the students in mining enterprises.

After the first year students miners are educational practice: one week - work with the development of computer technology, three weeks - geological practice in the Crimea, where he studied geological features of the Crimean Mountains.

After the second year students miners are production and evaluation practice in basic practices which are introduced to the work of the various mining enterprises - mines, quarries, enrichment plants is that. In passages of this practice students can also study courses for learning trades.


After the third year students are usually issued for jobs and also learn trades. 


The fifth year students are sent to basic advanced mining enterprises for Collection of baseline data (geological, technological and economic) to meet graduation projects.


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