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Studentsky potentsіal the departments of

The department of transport systems and technologies are constantly functioning "Student Research Center. Prof. B.O.Kuznetsova." Under the supervision of the department the students are actively involved in research work, including preparing research papers, articles and reports and are usually winners in national and regional scientific conferences, symposia, seminars and competitions.


Members of the Student Scientific Society received the following awards:

- Students Lagunov D.A. and A.A. Yurchenko (Supervisor Assoc. Denyschenko E.V.) won the competitive selection of scholarship program of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation "Zavtra.UA" and it became winners in 2008 and 2010 respectively;

- Students Novosel V. and Lubenets T. N. received diplomas for the best presentations at the Third All-Ukrainian scientific-technical conference "Science Spring - 2012";

- Student Shevchuk O.R. won the second round of the All-Ukrainian competition of student works on natural, technical and humanitarian sciences 2011/2012 academic year


Talented and motivated students receive scholarships of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers and eminent scientists of the National Mining University and become winner’s scholarship program of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation "Tomorrow. UA".


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