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Scientific Activity of Students

The Department of Transport Systems and Technologies (up to 2005 - mine vehicles) for the duration of its existence, surely at the forefront of student research activities. Almost all the teachers who work in the department went to school students' scientific seminars and conferences. Particular attention is the process of attracting talented young people to the scientific research paid professors founders of scientific schools: Nicholas S. Polyakov, Alexander Rengevich, Boris Kuznetsov, Nikolay Yakovlevich Bilichenko. The case is now successfully continue in the university of their students - Professor Vladimir Salov, Associate Alexander Koptovets, Victor S. Troshchiev, Alexander V. Denischenko, Viktor Tarasov, Valery Sihl, Mikhail Dudko, Alexander Dodatko and many others.

Prior to the introduction of credit-modular system of training, creative scientific work with the students of Mining, Mechanical Engineering faculties, departments, building technology and information technology started in the third year and continued until graduating, right now, due to a change of curricula, the process begins with second year.


 Each year the University held a traditional "Week of students 'science', in which the working section" Transport systems and technology of mining. "Many interesting reports during this time prepared by students under the guidance of teachers of the department. Among them: "Improving the content of the mine track" student of GI-03-6 Lagunova Dennis Anatolyevich and "Justification for the effectiveness of the rope transport in open pit mining," a student of GI-05-7 Oleg O. Yurchenko (Head - Associate Denischenko Alexander Valerievich) The winning program, "Tomorrow. ua », and their authors received grants Pinchuk Foundation

In a wide range of students are academic interests. This new technologyof transportation in open pit mining: "Improving the transport system Novopavlovsk granite quarry," a student of GI-03-1 and found Alexander V. "Justification for the effectiveness of bunker loading on conveyor-rail transportation career" student of GI-3.8 Zinchenko Ivan Igorevich (senior lecturer Denischenko OV) "The use of conveyor trains in the quarries of Ukraine" student of GI-04-1 Sergunova Kolmogorov (Head - Prof. Alexander Prigunov) and problem-solving mine transport: report "Justification for the effective use of steeply inclined pipelines in Western Donbass mines,  "the student group GI-04-1 Chemadury Roman Viktorovich (Head - Prof. Leonid Shirin Nikiforovich and assistant Paul A. Dyachkov). Particular attention is students who study and do research work in the department, paying the problems of transportation of materials, equipment and people to develop a profile with alternating: the report "Improving the effectiveness of cable roads SOIL" student of GI-05-7 Vitaly Gritsenko, "Investigation of the reliability of connections mine hauling ropes "students Maxim Gorshkov Valentinovich (g HS-05-7) and Monk Dmitry Alexandrovich (g HS-05-6)" Improvement of the drive pulleys. ropeways "student group GRgS-10-5 Berezkina Igor I.," Influence of the geometry of the track on the resistance to movement of mine transport "student of GI-07-9 Novoseltseva Vladimir and others.

With the opening of the Department of Transport Systems and Technology specialization "Technology Accumulation and transportation of gas" has expanded the range of scientific interests of the student body, which is also reflected in the themes of the reports: "The analysis of modern cogeneration plants and the prospects for their use in the mines of the Donbass," student group GI-06-6 Katulskogo Alexander Sergeyevich (Head - Assistant Astakhov Vitaly), "Prospects for utilization of methane in coal mines in Ukraine," the students of the IG-07-9 Filip'ev Helen V. (Head - Associate Professor Fedorenko EA) and many others.


The results of the scientific work of students are reflected in publications and at conferences and forums. So, with the participation of students in the last three years has published over 10 articles in specialized journals and received 14 patents for inventions and utility models.

Since 2008, the Department is protected by six Masters theses, which are solved scientific problems of modern transportation of mining enterprises. Four Masters have continued postgraduate studies at the department of transportation systems and technologies.

Students actively participate in conferences and competitions and win them - Foundation Fellowship B. Pinchua "Zavtra.ua" for the paper were students D.A.Lagunov(2008) and O.O. Yurchenko (2010).


The annual scientific conference "Week of students 'science' involved with the reports of 8 ... 12 students, theses are published. At the conference "Scientific Spring - 2011" students made 8 reports.

Further work with talented youth will be scheduled at the Department of TST in the direction of strengthening links with industry to address the pressing problems of improving transportation systems and technologies of mining enterprises.

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