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Mining mechanical engineer, head of educational department, PhD. those. , Professor, honored worker of education of Ukraine

Academic degree: Candidate of Science from 1972 Specialty 05.06.05 Mining machines. Diploma MTN number 08696. Subject of the thesis "Investigation of electromagnetic rail brakes of mine rolling stock." Academic title: assistant professor since 1978 in the department of mining transport.

Passport DC number 018532. Position: Professor of Transport Systems and Technologies, Director of the Resource Center of Novosibirsk State University, Candidate of Science.

Teaches regulatory discipline master's programs: "Pedagogy of Higher Education", "Modeling of a specialist," "Modeling of education and vocational training specialists." Has the certificate of "International Engineering Education teacher ING PAED IGIP (2004).

He published over 200 scientific papers, including 9 training books approved by the Ministry.

Contact: Karl Marx Avenue 19, Bldg. 11, com. 6

phone.: (0562) 47-23-21, e-mail: SalovV@nmu.org.ua

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