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by head of the department TST Shirin L.N. professor Dudlya N.A.
of performing the task for a business trip to China

Term of business trip: 07 October - 18 October 2011

Purpose: To participate in the National Conference on drilling for oil and gas (Nanning) and international conferences on production and utilization of coal mine methane and drilling degasification wells (Sian).

Reason: the invitation of the Institute of Mining and Geological University of China to participate in international conferences, the resolution of the Rector.

Program of action delegation of the NMU was coordinated with the professor Wuhan University Tyan-Nin, who accompanied us in China.

Professor Tyan-Nin learned russian language by teachers from NMU(Vakhrusheva, Marchuk, Morozova).

October 10 - 12 - participated in the opening and the work of the All-China Conference drilling for oil and gas (Nanning).

At plenary meeting organizers of the conference noted that over the last 30 years for the first time in the conference attended by representatives of Ukraine.

During the presentation "Equipment and technology of drilling geological exploration wells in Ukraine," Professor Dudlya N.A. told the conference that the Minister of Geology of China graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute and they studied in one department.

This statement was given a result. In meetings with scientists and specialists from China discussed the problems and perspectives for cooperation, for example:

- with professor Li Zhen-Tsyan, which in his time he graduated from the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute and was head of the Geological Survey and the mayor of Guansi province, agreed on joint publication of scientific publications in journals of China and the Ukraine;

- with professor Yogunt San - director of the Institute of Geology and professor Jong-Chan (Hankhunn) have agreed on their arrival in May 2012 to the NMU to discuss areas of training and the signing of a cooperation agreement.

October 13 - 15 - participated in the opening of International Conference on degassing of coal seams and the work of the plenary meeting (Sian).

Made reports: - "The present state and prospects of development of techniques and technologies of drilling degasification wells to extract methane from coal deposits";

- "Formation the operational principles of the cargo management for land recultivation that damaged by mining operations".

In the report, professor Shirin L.N. also informed the conference that at the same time in Dnepropetrovsk in National Mining University Forum of Miners takes place, where exchanged the achievements of outstanding scientists from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, the best workers of mining enterprises and representatives of the Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukraine. It was also announced that according to tradition of miners at the Forum is held annually the dedication ceremony of students of the 5th year to the miners. The report was received with applause and impact on future relations.

In meetings with scientists and experts discussed the prospects for cooperation with:

- Chan Kung, vice president Sian Research Institute of Coal Technology;

- Chunk Wei, a doctor, the chief engineer of the Center for drilling wells in Shansi Province, Sian;

- Syao Yi, manager of Sian Scientific Research Institute of Coal Technology;

- Matem Conrad, vice president, consultant for mining, finance and petroleum, the U.S.A..

During the stay in China for the delegation of Ukraine were organized excursions to:

- National Park (Nanning), accompanied by Professor Li Zhen-Tsyan;

- Sian Architectural Museum;

In Beijing visited the architectural ensemble of the Mao Zedongs square and the former imperial residence.

October 18 - Departure to Kiev. Arrival to Dnepropetrovsk.

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