Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Scientific activity is carried on the following areas:

– The adaptation of means of transportation and freight main diagnostic methods to modern conditions of production of coal and ore mines;


- The study of rolling stock and rail transport mines the support of transport during the excavation with a variable profile;

- Research loaders and self-propelled equipment ore mines;

- Geomechanical study of technological schemes of production, storage, transportation and utilization of methane from coal deposits;

- Legal and methodological support of credit-modular system of educational process.

According to the program of work UNPK "Coal" Department of TST supports creative research with industrial enterprises of coal industry, namely: транспорт2.jpg

1.  On the basis w / a "Pavlograd" created an educational-scientific-production center NSU - w / a "Pavlograd" whose activity is to attract students to urgently address the problems of mining in the mines "Pavlogradskaya" and "Ternovskaya" on the stage of production practices, execution of projects and dissertations, open defense of the graduation projects directly at the mine and mine office involving well-known experts in the learning process.

2. Employees of the Department carry out the author's control over the work of the ground cableway DNA of a new technical level, the length of which reaches 3.5 km.

3. Together with DonUGI and JSC "Pavlogradugol" developed and implemented in the mines of Coal Ministry of Ukraine - Ukraine's Ministry of Coal Industry standard "JMA Transport 10.00185790.007:2006 mine locomotive. Transportation of people and goods in the workings of the path with a slope of 0.005 to 0.050. General technical requirements".


4. The mine "Steppe," fulfilled the research work on implementation of the first "Pavlogradugol" suspended monorail diesel driven. 

5. To mine the "Jubilee" prepared a rationale for the introduction of diesel locomotives on the main routes and sites.

According to the results of UNPTS department staff in conjunction with the mine office employees received 3 patents, published in a collection of scientific papers 4 articles, received neck MES in a textbook.

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