Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time
Basics of Higher School Pedagogic

Salov V.A.. Manual. - Dnepropetrovsk: National Mining University, 2003. - 183 p 

Characteristics of Higher Education is presented. Problems of University educational activity, designing pedagogical system, organizing educational process, training technique of specialist of higher education are considered.  

Course book.Recommended for writing

K.M.Levkivski, V.F.Salov Textbook. - Dnepropetrovsk: National Mining University , 2002. - 54 p.  

 Technique of course book copy writing( textbooks, manuals, lecture syllabuses, methodic recommendations, etc) taking into account regulatory documents of Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Ukraine, modern achievements of academic achievements is considered.  

Substantiating directions in technological advancement of developing fine seam gold deposits in Ukraine

Korovyaka Ye.A. Monograph. - D., National Mining University, 2008. - 139 p.  

Monograph is devoted to the problems of substantiating parameters of underground mining technology of fine vein steep gold deposits within Ukrainian fundamental crystalline formations . Resource saving technological schemes of developing fine vein deposits based on formation regularity of face area and stowing massif within stope block under shrinkage ore stoping provided using compact LHD are offered. 

Inside the mind and the heart

Bilichenko N.Ya.. - Dnepropetrovsk: National Mining University, 2004. - 155 p.

The history of the National Mining University, portraits of scientists and teachers which are etched in memory of the honored professor of NMU N.Ya.Bilichenko whose life was closely connected with University are described.

Rector, scientist, educator: memory of A.A.Rengevich

 N.Ya.Bilichenko,A.V.Denischenko, A.N.Koptovets. - D.: National Mining University, 2009. - 103 p.  

 The book is the collection of memoirs of prof. A.A.Rengevich, rector of the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute as well as memoirs of collegues and students of this talented scientist, educator, veteran of the World War the 2nd.

Adaptation of mining scraper conveyors to manufacturing environment

 S.V.Korneev, L.N.Shyrin, M.V.Pletnev. Monograph  

Calculation algorithm of mining scraper conveyors

  S.V.Korneev, L.N.Shyrin, M.V.Pletnev., I.V.Kosarev, N.I.Stadnik

Designing coal mine systems developing steep and semi-steep seams

Grebenkin S.S., Shyrin L.N. and others. Manual for Higher Educational Establishments. - Donetsk: OAO "UkrNTEK”,2001. - 340 p.

General outlines for designing coal mine systems are described. Data concerning mathematical basis of their design are given. Modern tendencies of designing coal mine technological systems, transporting cargos in underground conditions, measures concerning rock reservation in the mine and gas -dynamic control are considered.

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