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Gas Content Prognosis of Coal Deposits

Textbook. N.А.Dudlia, L.N. Shyrin, B.V. Bokiy – D.: SNEI «National Mining University», 2015. – 589 с.

The general information on the geology of natural gas covers modern methods and technical means described forecasting gas content, including equipment for the discovery and testing of the productive horizons in the process of drilling wells. The results of gas-dynamic studies in wells and drainage vuhlemisnyh rocks.

For students in higher education specialties training direction Mining. It may be useful scientific and engineering - technical workers geological exploration, mining and gas industry.

Processes of Underground Gas Storage

Texbook. N.A.Dudlya, L.N.Shyrin. , B.A. Salov. – D.: SNEI «National Mining University», 2014. – 422 p.

Consideration is given to the development stages of gas storages network in Ukraine and abroad, physical-chemical properties of natural gases, processes of underground storage and transport of gases, technological features and technogenic changes as the consequence of these processes, and also safety regulations diring exploitation of gas underground storages.

For students of higher edecational institutions od speciality 050301 Mining. Can be used by scholars and technical engineering personnel of miining and gas industry.

Assessment gas content of coal deposits (guidelines for implementation of practical work)

MA Dudlya, BV Bokiy VVNovoseltsof Education and Science of Ukraine, Nat. Hearne. Univ. - D., 2013. -18 Sec.

We consider the key issues related to the calculation of the Zone accumulation of methane in violations and undisturbed vuhleprovodnyh arrays.

Recommendations will help enhance students' knowledge.

Transport systems of mining enterprises (guidelines for laboratory work)

EA Korovyaka, VA Rastsvyetayev VV Yavorska. - D .: National Mining University, 2013. -32 p.

Posted guidelines for laboratory work on discipline "Transport systems of mining enterprises". The material that will help intensify the executive stage of cognitive activity of students during the laboratory work.

Designed for students training direction 050301 Mining.

Processes of underground gas storage

Texbook. N.A.Dudlya, L.N.Shyrin. , E.A.Fedorenko. – D.: SNEI «National Mining University», 2012. – 412 p.

Historical development of gas storage networks in Ukraine as well as abroad, physical and chemical natural gas properties, processes of gas underground storage and transportation, technological peculiarities and technogen changes under underground gas storage as well as the safety regulations while maintaining underground gas storage are considered.

It is intended for students of Higher Educational Establishments of specialism area 050301 “Mining”. It can be useful for researchers and engineers of mining and gas industries

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Transport at mining enterprises

Texbook for Universities. – 3rd edition. / Authors of addition, change and corrrection: N.Ya.Bilichenko, G.G.Pyvnyak ,A.A. Rengevich, V.I. Tarasov ,  A.M. Varshavsriy, A.V. Denischenko, Yu.N. Zrazhevskiy, A.S. Prygunov,V.S.Troschylo, Yu.N. Shenderovich; General editing of addition and change of prof. N.Ya. Bilichenko – Dnepropetrovsk: National Mining University, 2005. – 636 p. 

Structure, theory, calculations and transport operation in mines, dressing mills and pits are highlighted. Transport components, schemes and problems of designing transport at mining enterprises are considered.

Storage-retrieval logistics at mining eneterprises

Textbook / Edited by V.A.Budyshevskiy, L.N.Shyrin. - D.: National Mining University 2010. -433 P.

Aims and tasks of logistics are determined, its methodological basis is considered. The textbook is developing methods of analysis and synthesis of mining stream processes with their further optimization. Exclusive role of logisticians who should use comprehensive knowledge in the field of extraction technology, dressing, processing , transportation and storage of useful mineral is stressed.

Decrease of energy consumption at mining transport

Monograph / N.Ya. Bilichenko, A.V. Denischenko. – D: National Mining University, 2010. – 75 p. (Russian). 

Well-known methods of decreasing energy consumption on rail and conveyor mining transport are given. Frontiers of their practical usage at operating units are determined. New method of increasing pressing force of locomotive driving wheels to the railway and for its realization due to applying slave car weight is offered. Ingenious method of determining railway profile enabling to obtain its real characteristic is considered. 

Operational cost of pit transport complexes

Rengevich A.A., Denischenko A.V. Manual. – Dnepropetrovsk: National Mining University, 2005. – 99 p. 

Operational cost techniques of calculating transport complexes of railway, automobile, conveyor and skip transport to chose equipment from production run machines corresponding to typical sizes and determining its basic technical indexes while operating in special mining and geological conditions are presented. Unified subsequence of statement is accepted, that is, calculation tasks, initial data, calculation methods , calculation examples. 

шахтные канатные дроги.jpg
Mining ropeways

Monograph / A.V.Denischenko. – D.: National Mining University , 2011. – 160 p. (Russian).

Analysis of mining , geological ,production and technical factors influencing on the choice of transport equipment to drive development workings is made. Traditional technological schemes of shifting rock mass , materials and people are studied. Experience of maintaining monorail,monorope and ground ropeways within mining workings is generalized. Efficiency of applying ground ropeways as a single unit for transporting rock mass, materials and people while driving workings with complicated way profile is substantiated. Results of theoretical and experimental studies of ground and overhead ropeways are given. New technical solutions enabling to increase their productivity and reliability are offered.

Collection of tasks on discipline “Basics of transport theory”

Manual / N.Ya.Bilichenko, Ye.A.Korovyaka, P.A.Dyachkov, V.A.Rastsvetaev. – D., National Mining University, 2006. – 151 p

Textbook contains tasks connected with mining transport maintenance , variants of their solution and supplemental information enabling to solve and compose similar tasks individually.It is recommended for students of specialism area 0903 “Mining” Textbook can be also useful for teachers while preparing home individual tasks, tickets and tests for stepped and final control of knowledge.

Theory basics and calculating mining load-carrying equipment

Manual. – the 2nd edition , arranged and enlarged. – D.: National Mining University, 2008. – 103 p.

The basis of the 2nd edition of this manual is a textbook “Transport at Mining Enterprises” written by the staff of the Ore Transport Department of the former Mining Institute edited by prof. B.A.Kuznetsov (1969-1976 , publishing house “Nedra”). The first edition was written by prof. N.Ya.Bilichenko in 2002. This 2nd edition in comparison with the 1st one was arranged and enlarged and can be used for individual and distance learning.The amount of tasks is limited by the time of material assimilation as well as , by required level of material.

розрах шахтного локомотива.jpg
Calculating mining locomotive transport

Manual / A.A.Rengevich, A.N.Koptovets, P.A.Dyachkov, Ye.A.Korovyaka, V.V.Yavorskaya. – D.: National Mining University, 2007. – 83 p.

The basis of the book is a manual “Calculating mining locomotive transport” written by A.A.Rengevich and M.K.Mehed ( Ore Transport Department of the former Mining Institute,1988, publishing house “UMK VO) . It was rewritten and translated into Ukrainian. Methods of calculating locomotive haulage by diesel and inertia-type locomotives were added. Reference material , computer program using the medium Borland Delphi 7 were renewed.

Basics of transport maintenance cost at mining enterprises

V.A.Salov. Manual. Dnepropetrovsk: National Mining University, 2005. - 199 p.

The content of the manual corresponds to educational and professional programs of Bachelor training of specialism area “Mining” (branch standard of Higher Education in Ukraine GSVO OPP-04) and its constituent, that is, program on discipline “Basics of transport theory”.

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